DASNR Human Resources

General Requirements

An Extension Educator with a bachelor's degree, when initially hired, is expected to work toward completion of an approved master's degree.

An Extension Educator is expected to establish and maintain his/her domicile in the county where employed.

Applicants must demonstrate a willingness and ability to:

  • effectively listen, communicate, and foster a professional image of OCES by displaying a positive view of the organization both internally and externally;
  • effectively manage and organize time and resources and adapt well to change;
  • communicate effectively both verbally and in writing;
  • pursue personal professional development;
  • provide leadership in designing, promoting, presenting, and evaluating educational programs to reach diverse audiences;
  • work extended hours including evenings and weekends; occassional overnight travel and available personal transportation are required;
  • build and maintain relationships and work effectively with clientele advisory groups, volunteers, other professionals, etc.,
  • and effectively use computer-based communications technology.  


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