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Cooperative Extension Vacancies

To be considered for any position, you must apply online. You may click on the link below, or go to jobs.okstate.edu and search by Requisition number.

Vacant positions will be listed until filled. 


Page last updated: 4/28/2021


Section VIII, E.3, pages 33-34, of the OCES Procedure Guide: Field Operations states the following with regard to internal transfers:

 “Transfer to another position will be granted only after one has served at least two years in their current position.  Exceptions may be made when it is clearly shown that the transfer is in the best interest of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.  Internal County Extension Educator applicants who are successful in applying for and receiving a County Extension Educator position in another county should do so under the premise that such a move is a lateral transfer. There is no implied promotion or salary adjustment affixed.  The Associate Director and respective District Extension Director may determine that it is in the interest of OCES that a particular vacancy be filled with an experienced Extension Educator with a specified set of skills.  Under that determination, a one-time stipend may be approved by the Associate Director as an incentive to internal applicants.  An Educator receiving such a stipend would be eligible for a similar inducement to transfer after five years.  Moving expenses may be negotiated by the transferring Educator with the District Extension Director.  The guidelines for arrangements and payment of such expenses may be found elsewhere in this guideline manual.”  (Guidelines for moving expenses may be found under Section VI., J, page 18.)



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