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FAQ for New Extension Educators: 


  • We have three main types of Extension Educator: Agriculture/4-H, FCS/4-H, and 4-H Youth Dev.  In order to qualify for an Ag/4-H position, you must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Ag.  FCS/4-H requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences.  Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Dev. will allow for either degree or any other related degree.  Owning/working on a farm, or teaching/loving FCS or having taken classes in the topic will not suffice for the degree requirements.
  • You must live in the county in which you are employed.  Very rarely will this rule be waived.  In order to have it waived, you must have a letter from your District Director.  Again, these are rarely granted so you should plan to live in the county in which you are employed.
  • You are an employee of Oklahoma State University, although you work in the county.  We are a land-grant college and under that grant, we have offices set up in each of the 77 Oklahoma Counties with Extension Educators to assist in meeting the county’s needs.
  • You will have the benefits of an OSU employee. 
  • OCES does not pay moving costs.
  • Do not feel discouraged if the area of Oklahoma in which you wish to work is not available.  Many, if not most, of our educators start in a different area than where they originally thought they wanted.  Then, when a position opens, they will move or they may find they love the county in which they are working and decide to stay there. Once you have accepted a position, you must stay in that county for a minimum of two years before a lateral move would be granted.  This two year rule can be waived if it is deemed in the best interest of OCES to do so.
  • OCES has a Career Ladder.  This is to reward educators who demonstrate sustained professional growth and accomplishments and have significant career milestones.  All educators begin at Level 1.  In order to reach Level 2, you must have been employed for a minimum of 5 years,  have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, and no unsatisfactory or needs improvement ratings on the last 3 annual performances.  To reach Level 3, you must have a minimum of Master’s degree,  5 continuous years at Level 2, and no unsatisfactory or needs improvement ratings for the past 3 annual performances.  You must also submit a portfolio at each level with required documents showing your accomplishments.  Pay rate increases for Level 2 is $2,500 per year and Level 3 is $3,000 per year.
  • You are allowed 15 days per year for Educational Improvement.  This can be used to attend classes to attain a higher degree or attend other professional development classes.
  • We do not provide a company car, however you are given an allowance.  You are expected to be a good steward of this allowance because once it is gone, it is gone.
  • This is not a 9 to 5, Mon – Fri position.  OCES expects a minimum of a 40 hour work week.  This time might greatly increase during fair season, 4-H round up, or if there is a natural disaster where our educators are assisting their community members.
  • You will be highly encouraged  to develop community volunteers.  You will not be physically able to serve all clientele (i.e., 4-H members, OHCE groups, etc) in all of the towns in your county.  You will rely heavily on volunteers to run meetings and events with these constituents, especially in the case of 4-H..
  • Each county, typically, has one of the Extension Educators serve as the County Extension Director (CED).  This person is responsible for many of the day –to –day fiscal as well as other office related issues.  There is a pay additive for this extra duty.
  • Duties for Extension Educators are many and varied.  It is usually based on the county’s needs.  Upon hire, you will be matched with a mentor.  You, however, are responsible for assessing your county’s needs and coming up with ways to meet those needs.  You may have a news article in the local paper, hold classes, or have ideas for other ways to meet and interact with the county residents. 
  • You will submit a yearly plan & timeline outlining what your plans are for the year.  You are responsible for meeting your goals and must answer to your supervisor in your annual performance review if you have not met them.
  • You may be encouraged to interact with the elected county officials to develop and foster a positive relationship that enhances the cooperative nature of Extension in the county.

    You may apply for more than one position at a time.

    Please call us if you have questions, but realize that we will not accept your request to apply for a position over the phone.






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